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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the software development process look like?

At Finedge FinTech Solutions we use the best Project Management practices by leveraging ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) methodology and Agile SCRUM which are set to provide us and our clients with the smoothest transition and cooperation. Thus, we follow regular process outlined by aforementioned practices:

  1. Requirements – soliciting functional and non-functional software requirements
  2. Design – planning architecture design, prototyping UX/UI, etc.
  3. Implementation – real life software development execution
  4. Verification – preparing and executing software tests and allowing User Acceptance Testing
  5. Maintenance – keeping the platform alive by providing efficiency improvement and change management

The whole process is executed iteratively by working with 1-2 weeks sprints where delivery team plans the work accordingly with the product backlog and priorities set by Product Owner.

How do you charge your clients? How does your charging model look like?

We provide clients with two charging models:

  1. Time and material – where the client is charged by man-days spent on the project. This form allows more flexibility towards change in the project. We recommend this form when the project scope is not yet defined and/or when the project requires higher dynamic.
  2. Fixed price – is a single sum contract where Finedge as client’s provider is fully accountable for the requirements set for the project. We recommend this form of cooperation when the project scope is well defined, easily identifiable or the project is small.
Our consultant will be there to assist you with the best model for your project. 

What is included in the software development project?

Each project might be different depending on its requirements. Thus some project might depend solely on front-end developers, some on back-end developers and others would consist of full digital product team including UX/UI designers, front- and back-end developers.

However, each project includes personalised care of Project Manager for any IT-related needs and Relationship Manager for any business-related needs. Additionally, we put strong emphasis on Quality Assurance and hence each project is also taken care by testers to guarantee bug-free software deployment.

What is the design process like?

We utilize best practices to design human-centric financial technology.

The process starts with eliciting business requirements, user research to understand target audience better as well as service audit to review service features. Then, the process is as follow:

  1. User Journey Map – it allows to understand how the user follows the business process
  2. Information Architecture – creates general service vision and User Experience approach that then is given to create simple and understandable structure
  3. Wireframes – we create user flow and test if set user scenarios are met
  4. User Interface design – we simplify the solution by delivering UI that addresses well often broad multi-feature services.
  5. Usability Test – we test clickable prototype
  6. Design Delivery – and finally, we deliver the design after rounds of client’s feedback and corrections. We prepare design files as the final output and deliverable.

How much does the front-end work cost?

The cost of any work that is done with Finedge (not only front-end) depends on the scope. It might be a simple front-end job with few webpages or complex IT project with demanding front-end or back-end functionalities.

Our offering team is tirelessly and closely working with our software development team to provide the client with the cost estimation as specific as possible.

For your future project estimation please refer to this section: Estimate Project.

Will I be able to edit my website/platform?

We use WordPress and Sitecore as content management system (CMS) which allow platform administrators to easily make changes on the website.

If the product requirements are more demanding and utilising CMS is not possible, we offer great maintenance services with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that allow you to use our developers when any platform changes are necessary.

Please contact us here to learn more about maintenance services and CMS-wide expertise that Finedge provides.

How does Project Estimation process look like?

If you request for Project Estimation through our form, we will contact you if we find information provided insufficient. 

If you request for Project Estimation differently, we will contact you for project scoping session to elicit project requirements and to understand the context of what you want to accomplish.

Once the information will be suffient, our Delivery Team will take its time to discuss implementation internally and come back with estimate.

The whole process takes up to 5 business days. For your comfort, we are open to sign Non-disclosure Agreement so you can share any sensitive information.

What is included in Project Estimation offer?

You can expect to receive the following:

  1. Project summary and goals as we see it
  2. Initial project scope
  3. Budget estimation
  4. Proposed timeline
  5. Proposed IT architecture approach (if required by the project type)
Each Project Estimation also includes project-specific requirements, list of prerequisites, and IT approach with proposed tools and technology we recommend to utilise throughout the project delivery.

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